Digital Solutions to improve education and learning

More companies today are looking to cater to the education industry and meet the burgeoning demand for quality education and personalized learning online across the country. Technology can make education accessible in ways that cannot be achieved by any other source.

At Keyura Solutions, we understand how critical education is in today’s time and how technology can sell and provide customers like you, the requisite support and assistance needed to achieve realistic results. We accordingly offer tailored solutions and that when implemented the right way with the industry’s best practices can address many of today’s needs.


    Transitioning to online education can be challenging that also needs lots of quality resources. This is where we step in to address the digital need and provide solutions that harness the best available devices today for the virtual learning process. Our Salesforce CRM integrated with learning management systems offers educators, an effective and robust technology with all the tools under a single collaborative digital platform, to not only communicate effectively but also to deliver quality education to students.

    Our understanding of not only the education technology companies and their needs but also of Salesforce allows us to address our client’s unique needs. As a result, we have been able to deliver forecasting with effective data management and a viable Salesforce suite of products.

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    We Excel In Delivering Optimal Solutions

    Data Management

    Our salesforce services maintain and manage data of the student admission process.

    Experience Design

    Our salesforce cloud facilitates improved student and teacher experience.

    Track Progress

    Track student progress and participation in education programs.

    Up-to-date Profile

    Our salesforce education software keeps students and member profile up-to-date.

    Predict Revenue

    Our salesforce education cloud helps predict enrolment and revenue.

    Maximize ROI

    Our salesforce education software maximizes ROI in the education system.